Find our shop 'Candles & Plants' at 65 South Promenade, Newcastle, BT33 0EY
Find our shop 'Candles & Plants' at 65 South Promenade, Newcastle, BT33 0EY
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Gynura ‘Purple Passion’

Gynura ‘Purple Passion’

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Isn’t this out of this world?! Just look at the colours!

The Gynura ‘Purple Passion’ is a sprawling, woody-based, evergreen perennial with dark green leaves and stems that are clothed in bright purple hairs, especially on the undersides. The thistle-like flowers are egg-yolk yellow, with a purple calyx, appearing mostly in winter. It’s simply stunning. 

Pot size: 15cm

Height: 18cm

Care advice and additional information

Water - Keep the soil consistently moist but never soggy. Avoid getting the foliage wet as the hairy leaves can trap moisture and cause the leaves to rot. 

Sunlight - Medium to bright indirect light is best. Avoid direct sunlight. Provide a warm and well ventilated position for the plant to remain healthy and thrive in environments with good humidity, such as a bathroom or kitchen. 

Toxicity - Considered non-toxic.

Feed -  Fortnightly during spring through to autumn and then monthly during the winter. 



All plants come in a plastic nursery pot and Kraft compostable brown paper bag. Plants can be wrapped in coloured Kraft paper (black, pink or green) for free but by request beforehand to prevent wastage. All plants will include a care card. 

Delivery Information 

FREE local delivery. I will hand deliver each little beauty straight to your door free of charge to those that live within a 5 mile radius of Newcastle. Local delivery is within 1-2 days or same day when possible. Please get in touch if you require same day delivery. 

A small delivery fee of £5 will be applied to those that live within a 15 mile radius of Newcastle and £10 to those within a 30 mile radius. Delivery will be between 2-5 days and confirmed beforehand. 

For now, I will only be offering door step delivery or collection from the shop, via prior arrangement, at Candles & Plants, 65 South Promenade, Newcastle, BT33 0EY. 

However, please do get in touch if you want a plant posted and I will look into it. Equally, if you live outside the delivery areas and really want a plant please contact me via, WhatsApp or via my social media pages and again I will do what I can.

Please remember that plants may vary from the images shown and variations in colour and shape should be expected. I will however if requested send a photo of the plant selected to ensure it meets your satisfaction before purchase.