Find our shop 'Candles & Plants' at 65 South Promenade, Newcastle, BT33 0EY
Find our shop 'Candles & Plants' at 65 South Promenade, Newcastle, BT33 0EY
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Sunday 19th May // Plant care talk

Sunday 19th May // Plant care talk

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It’s Spring and it’s the perfect time to repot your root bound and overgrown plants!

So come to our wee shop on Sunday 19th May and repot your plants, ready for summer! Limit to 4 plants per person (due to space limitations). 

Soil and substrates will be available for all plants as well as various sizes of nursery pots. You’re also welcome of course to bring your own. If you could as much as possible let me know beforehand what plants you intend to take so I can be best prepared. Also, don't take offence but I will need to check plants for pests before they enter the shop. I have too much stock to risk loosing. Thank you for understanding. 

While we’re repotting I’ll also talk you through many common plant care topics including;

  • How to identify when your plants needs repotted.
  • How to best repot your plants, including the soil etc required for each type of plant.
  • Watering, sunlight exposure and feeding advice over the next few months.
  • Plant pest awareness and how to tackle any other plant health issues you may come across.
  • Plant propagation- what it is and how to do it successfully.
  • I’ll also do my best to answer any questions you may have about caring for your plant friends as best I can. **Full disclaimer - Google may be used!**
  • Again there will also be nursery pots available, these are always free in the shop anyway but if you need various sizes for repotting, I should have plenty of choice.

Booking is ESSENTIAL, our studio is a cosy little space, we can’t accommodate too many folk so please book ahead and please only do so if you really intend on coming so as not to prevent others from attending.

Thank you and see you then!


Date:  Sunday 19th May 2024

Times:  11am - 12pm 

Location:  Candles & Plants, 65 South Promenade, Newcastle, Bt31 0EY

Cost: Donation in lieu of payment. All funds will go to supporting an Nairona, Castlewellan, a not for profit Irish language playgroup that provides an incredible learning experience for its children through the medium of Irish.